• Corpuri de rostogolire: bile si role
  • Saibe si sigurante pt rulmenti
  • Piulite mecanice si hidraulice normale si de precizie
  • Bucse de strangere, bucse de extractie mecanice si hidraulice
  • Carcase pentru rulmenti din una sau mai multe bucati, capace, elemente de etansare

Adapter and withdrawal sleeves are used to locate bearings with tapered bore on smooth or stepped shafts. They facilitate bearing mounting and dismounting and, in many cases, simplify bearing arrangement design.

Lock nuts locate bearings and other components on shafts and facilitate mounting and dismounting. They ensure long bearing service life and reliable locking and can prevent bearing fitting damages. Lock nuts are easy to mount, do not damage the shaft and ensure effective locking.

  • kúpos hüvelyek,
  • anyák,
  • biztosítók